fred macpherson is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the excellent english rock band spector


fredmacpherson Reunion @noahandthewhale x


Anonymous :  hiiiiii i was wondering if you had a link to the spector/damu remix of never fade away? i've been looking for it for ages as it has been delted from soundcloud. thanks for your help x

well, it’s on the never fade away EP which is available on UK itunes….unfortunately, it appears to be wiped off elsewhere. I would go onto usa itunes and buy it and put it online, but spector hate the usa so of course it’s not on there!!!

here’s what I’ll do: give me a day or two to get in touch with someone who I think might be able to supply it for me, and I’ll post it on this blog. check back tomorrow, ect. sorry I couldn’t get it now :/


February 12.

ONE TO WATCH - Future Event - Spector UK TOUR Interview with Frederick Macpherson, Est.1987, 2012:

Interview with Fred.

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